Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wire wrapping and Jewelery making

I began reading about wire-wrapping last year, the same time as I began making my own ear wires. I found heaps of useful information on the Net. Some generous artisans publish tutorials about wire wrapping, and they're fabulous. If there's one thing they each do, it would be encouraging the would-be wire-wrapper to practice, practice, practice. SIGH. I shrink from practice!

So I practiced. And was very bad at wire wrapping. But I'm the kind of student who examines material for ages, and then suddenly 'gets' it. Yesterday I was fiddling with some wire ... and when I had done fiddling I found I had fiddled together a very respectable, faceted cloudy quartz ring. I don't have photos of it yet, but I'm really pleased that all the information has finally begun to work in my head! I'm looking forward to incorporating this new skill into jewelery making!

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