Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How are we inspired?

Where do our ideas come from? Some people are deliberate in seeking inspiration. I admire those people who take a quiet space, and fill it with things they find inspiring. Music, art, books, fabrics, natural artifacts. I know several people who keep a file in their computers, of pictures of things that are inspiring, from the internet (I do that too).

But when I'm planning to use a set of beads, often I sit them with my work things and just wait. I've been waiting to do something with the Czech glass melons in this bracelet ... wondering what they might be. They're a lovely bead, a mix of greens, some with a bluish haze, some lean toward a pink. Some of the green moves toward yellow. Since they arrived I've wanted to blend them with silver. Today, for some reason, I turned some of them into this bracelet. The focal setting is an aventurine nugget, hugged between Balinese style caps. I also used a couple of large, rhyolite beads (rainforest jasper). I think these Czech beads would be wonderful with greys and blues also but today I simply put them together. As if the inspiration had been in the back of my head lurking, waiting to take action once I stopped wondering what to do with the beads. Like a small thunderclap.

I wonder how it goes with other jewelery makers?

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