Monday, June 28, 2010

The wire wrap I coveted Most

This is the wire wrapping I most longed to do. The wrapping of a length of wire, on either side of a bead, so as to make bead units with wrapped loops. I found a tutorial by Eni Oken, in which she teaches the way to make a wrapped bail for a briolette. I used the techniques she presents in that tutorial, to learn how to wrap the loops for this Tiger Eye and Jasper bracelet.

I love the way these wrapped loops (and the wrapped bails) look. The addition of the wrap adds a texture I find very pleasing, particularly as it repeats the silky lines you can see on the tiger eye beads. I can see this technique would be useful for wrapping wire for pearls, so as to strengthen the wire (only quite fine wire will thread through pearls generally.)

This piece also used a knotted head pin (Donna Spadafore). The bracelet is available at the Candy Store

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