Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beethoven or Mozart

How many jewelery artisans are like Beethoven? Throughout my childhood and much of my adulthood too, I studied music. I learned that Beethoven was an artist who agonised over each note. Like a writer who experiences anguish over every word, planning it with care to make a piece say exactly what the writer wants to say. I am by no means like Beethoven!

When I make jewelery, I ruminate (a lot!) and then finally begin and put the piece together quite quickly. The components just fit, as if they are meant to be. I can hear the logician sniff at that, but that's the way Mozart wrote music. He heard it in his head, it just was. The way it was meant to be. That's why Mozart seems predictable, easy to listen to.

I wonder how other artisans make jewelery? Like Beethoven? Calculating and planning each part? Or like Mozart ... staring at it for ages and then getting it down. Either way, there are some amazing, wonderful jewelery artists on the internet. If you check through my list of Australian Etsy sellers, you'll find some of them there. Although I have particular favourites they all inspire me.

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