Sunday, August 28, 2011

Juile Ann Twigg

Several weeks ago, a care flight crashed in Victoria, killing both the pilot and one of its passengers. Since then the worldwide hand-made community has watched and prayed, while Julie Ann Twigg, the only survivor of the crash in which her teenage daughter died, struggled to live and recover a little. Her sister in law, Shirley, kindly published and regularly updated a Facebook page that she used to inform Julie's friends world wide, of Julie's progress.

Early this morning, Julie Ann passed away. She was known to be a feisty, creative woman, a leader in the Australian team of Etsy artisans, and a friend loved by many. She leaves these communities in shock, thankful that she is no longer in pain (her injuries caused a great deal of pain some of which would likely have been life long) and no longer without her daughter. But heartbroken for her family (she leaves a husband and three other children) and friends.

Julie Ann was important as a leader amongst Australian Etsians, and in that capacity she encouraged me with jewelery making from time to time. Her work was also beautiful, an inspiration to many. I kept pictures of some of her creations in my own 'inspiration' file. I am struggling with the idea that there will be no more of her work. More, I struggle with the pain expressed by Australian Etsians who knew her well and valued her. God bless and comfort you all.

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