Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Begin Again

Following a long, hard year, it's time to return to the handmade part of my life. It's been a year full of learning, about the difficulties people face in life and about that part of the world which fascinates me most, the political part. This year I've begun to realise that there is little, perhaps nothing in life that is not political. The political reaches into our lives and shapes us in fundamental ways. It reaches us in our mother's wombs, and continues to manage and shape us until the day we die. At times I find this overwhelming. But there is little time to be overwhelmed, life is short. We need to live life as fully as we can, the best ways we can. And we can. Human spirit is amazing, it clings, it struggles and it survives. We continue to live, sometimes in pain, but living none-the-less.

This Christmas I salute those who suffer and continue to live. I have the deepest admiration for you, you are the people I would like to be. Have a blessed, peaceful Christmas.

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